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Our Legacy of Excellence: Scallop Shell Private Limited
Since 2018, Scallop Shell Private Limited, the power behind the ORZA brand, has been revolutionizing the bathroom experience in Bengaluru and beyond. As a top-tier provider of bespoke shower enclosures, bathroom renovations, and chic bathroom accessories, we have set a benchmark for quality and innovation. Our journey in enhancing consumer lifestyles with our products and services reflects our dedication to excellence.

ORZA – Redefining Shower Enclosures
At ORZA, we believe that a shower enclosure is more than just a part of your bathroom – it’s a style statement. Our ORZA Shower Enclosures are designed to transform your bathroom into a haven of luxury and functionality. These enclosures are not only visually stunning but also practical, maintaining a dry, hygienic, and safe bathroom environment. By keeping the water contained, they ensure a dry floor, reducing slip hazards and promoting a germ-free space.

Our Vision: Your Satisfaction and Safety
Our commitment extends beyond just providing high-quality products. At ORZA, customer satisfaction is at the heart of our vision. We strive to deliver unparalleled quality and service throughout our engagement and beyond. Looking towards the future, our goal is to be your one-stop solution for all bathroom requirements, ensuring that each product adds comfort, style, and safety to your bathing experience.

Discover why ORZA is the preferred choice for shower enclosures and bathroom accessories in Bangalore. Experience the blend of elegance, safety, and functionality with every ORZA product – because your bathroom deserves the best.

Our Products & Services

1. Shower Enclosures

ORZA's Openable Elegance - Step into Luxury

Discover ORZA's Openable Shower Enclosure – blending elegance, functionality, and unmatched style in every open.

Tailor-Made Luxury Showers by ORZA

Discover ORZA's bespoke shower enclosures, crafted to perfection for your unique bathroom space.

ORZA's Fixed Elegance: Unrivaled Style

Discover the charm of ORZA's Fixed Shower Enclosure – epitome of style and longevity.

Revamp Your Retreat with ORZA Elegance

Discover ORZA's blend of style and functionality in sliding shower enclosures, crafted for the modern homes.

Our Products & Services

2. Bathroom Renovations

Elevate Your Bath Space with ORZA

Transform ordinary to extraordinary with ORZA's premium shower enclosures in Bangalore.

Revitalize Your Bathroom with ORZA

Experience luxury and style in every shower with ORZA's innovative enclosures in Bangalore.

Modernize with ORZA's Elegance

Elevate your bathroom's appeal with ORZA's sleek shower enclosures, crafted for Bangalore's finest homes.

Transform with ORZA's Luxury

Make a statement in your bathroom with ORZA's high-end shower enclosures, defining luxury in Bangalore.

Our Products & Services

3. Bathroom Accessories

Open to Luxury with ORZA

Step into sophistication with ORZA's openable shower enclosures, where elegance meets innovation.

ORZA: Diversity in Enclosure Design

Discover the perfect blend of style and functionality in ORZA's varied openable shower enclosures.

Slide into Elegance with ORZA

Experience the seamless luxury of ORZA's sliding bath accessories, designed for effortless elegance.

ORZA: Mastering Sliding Sophistication

Embrace the versatility and modernity of ORZA's sliding shower enclosures, where design meets functionality.

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ORZA: ISO-Certified Luxury

ORZA's modern enclosures: ISO certified

Modern Showers, Indian Crafted

Indian craftsmanship in ORZA's sleek showers

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ORZA's Touch of Luxury in Bathroom Accessories

Reflect Your Style

ORZA's Modern Elegance in Bathroom Design

Complete Your Oasis

ORZA's Vision of Harmonious Bathroom Elegance

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